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Users and Members using this shopping website are considered to have read and agreed the following terms.
All web pages on our site and all pages on (‘site’) store.gunsel.com.tr are owned by Near East University Ltd. and are operated by GÜNSEL Store, which is connected to the Company. You agree (‘Users/Members’) that you are subjected to all the following terms while using the services provided by this site, and that while you continue to use it, you have the right, authority and law to sign an agreement based on the TRNC legislation you are under, that you are at least 18 years old, have read, understood and agreed to all the terms of this agreement.
This agreement gives responsibilities to the parties related to site rights and liabilities and the parties agree that they will execute all these responsibilities accurately, without fault and on time.
Company : GÜNSEL Store operating with/under Near East University Ltd.

SITE: Is the web site which offers services with the address store.gunsel.com.tr

MEMBER: Any real or legal person who has completed their membership form, approved by the website with the intention of using the GÜNSEL Store to buy products. They will be briefly called “MEMBER” in this contract. Individuals older than 18 must use their real personal information to fill membership forms completely in order to become members. Companies (individuals and partners) that want to become MEMBERS, collective companies, commandite companies, limited companies, International business companies, officials of cooperatives and other institutions can fill a membership form completely to become MEMBERS and conduct business on behalf of their companies on the SITE. The “Member name” is specific to a single member and the same name cannot be given to two MEMBERS at the same time.
USER: People who visit the GÜNSEL Store regardless of shopping.

LINK: It is the connection which allows access to other websites' documents, content from the SITE and to the SITE’s documents and contents from other websites.

CONTENT: Any of the published and accessible information, files, pictures, programmes, numbers, prices, etc. that could be in visual, written or audio format.

WEBSITE TERMS OF USE AND MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT: It is the electronic contract between the real and legal people who wish to use the SITE for commercial and personal services and Near East University Ltd. (GÜNSEL Store).

PERSONAL INFORMATION: It is the identity, address, e-mail, telephone number, IP Address, which parts of the SITE they visited, domain type, browser type, date and time of visit etc. and other information of the user. 

A. Users and Members agree that the company has the right to change products and services, offers etc. information, websites terms of use and all information within the site including changing the content of the SITE without giving prior notice.
B. The company agrees that the Member will benefit from contract related services with the exception of technical malfunctions.
C. The users and members agree that they will not reverse engineer or try to find the source code of the site and if they do, that they will be responsible for the damages caused to 3rd parties under the jurisdiction of current legislation resulting in criminal action against them.
D. The users and members agree that they will not, in any area of the site, act or post in a way that is against public morality, legislation, damaging towards 3rd parties, deceiving, attacking, obscene, pornographic, damaging towards personal rights, copyrights, or promotes illegal activities. The user is completely responsible for all the damages caused and the site officials may “suspend”, terminate or take legal action against these types of accounts, Therefore, if legal departments and/or official departments request information regarding persons or events, the Company reserves the right to share this information.
E. The members of the site are responsible for their interactions and relations with 3rd parties. Sites not controlled by the SITE owned or operated by 3rd parties and links to these sites may be shared over the SITE. These links are placed to transfer the User and Member easily and the SITE does not support that website or the person operating that website. No statement or guarantee is given regarding the linked websites content information. The Company holds no responsibility regarding the websites accessed via links shared on the SITE and Users and Members are responsible for any damage caused by these websites.
f. The User and Members agree that uploadable and/or shareable documents, information, and documentations may not have been disinfected from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, dialler programmes, spam, spyware and other malicious codes and the SITE does not guarantee safety regarding these materials. The Company is not responsible for any damage caused to persons or 3rd parties by these codes and materials, as well as any misinformation or losses.
The company may transfer this contract partially or fully without notification. However, the Users and Members may not transfer this contract or any of its parts to any other party. This type of transfer is invalid.
3.1. Any title, business name, brand, patent, logo, design, information and method, be it patented or not, is under the protection of national and international law and is owned by the site operator and operating company. Visiting the Site or using the services offered by the Site gives no rights regarding the mentioned Intellectual Property Rights.
3.2. The information, texts, pictures, brands, slogan and other symbols given on the Site cannot be duplicated, published, copied, presented and/or transferred. No part of the Site or the entirety of the Site is allowed to be used on any other site on the internet.
4.1. The Company will not disclose the personal information of the users to 3rd parties. This personal information includes: name-surname, address, telephone number, mobile number, password, e-mail and any other identifying information and hereby will be called ‘Confidential Information’.
4.2. The User agrees that the Site owner may share their personal contact, portfolio status and demographic information with other group companies for introduction, commercial, special offer, promotion, announcement etc. This information can be used to form a user profile within the company to give better special offers and promotions based on that profile as well as for statistical analysis. 

4.3. Confidential information can only be disclosed to official departments via official requests and orders within the current legislation in legal cases.

This contract only offers services limited to ability and does not guarantee any explicit or implicit qualities.
Users and Members must give their current information in full. Otherwise, this contract will be considered violated and the account will be closed without notifying the user.
Users and Members are responsible for the safety of their password and accounts on 3rd party websites. The company will not be held accountable for financial or other well-being in case of a security breach or hardware or device damages.
If the parties are unable to carry out the contract due to reasons out of their control such as natural disasters, fire, explosions, civil wars, wars, riots, displacement, declaration of mobilisation, strike, lockout, epidemic, infrastructural and internet failure, power outage (these reasons will be mentioned as “Compelling Reasons”), they are not responsible for this. No compensation will be demanded if the Company cannot complete or is delayed in fulfilling its responsibilities because of these reasons.
If any terms of this contract become partially or fully null, the remainder of the contract is still valid.
The Company may change the offered services on the website or the terms of this contract at any time. The changes will be in operation from the date they are displayed on the website. Following such changes is the User’s responsibility. The User is considered to have agreed to these changes should they continue using the offered services.
All notification sent related to this contract will be done through the known e-mail address of the Company and the email given by the User on the membership form. Declarations made this way will be in operation on the day they are made. Users and Members agree that the address they previously stated is the address to which these declarations will be delivered and they need to notify the other party within 5 days of making the change or the stated address will be considered to the valid address where the goods are sent.
All disagreements between parties regarding the contract will be governed by TRNC legislation.
The TRNC Nicosia District Court has jurisdiction over all disagreements which might occur due to this contract or its interpretation.
This contract is effective immediately from the moment it is displayed on the website. All Users and Members are considered to have agreed to this contract should they use the site.