The GÜNSEL Store acting under Near East University Ltd. places great importance on ensuring the privacy of all information as the most important aim of its institutional entity. Our firm shows great care in protecting the privacy of customer information and acting in line with the present legislation and/or the Protection of Personal Data Law in the T.R.N.C and takes all forms of precautions.
Gaining access to the GÜNSEL Store web site and hereby using this website means that you have accepted the following conditions.
Becoming a member on the GÜNSEL Store website can require completing forms and questionnaires or you may subsequently be asked for certain personal information (name-surname, establishment details, phone number, password, address or e-mail addresses etc.). Our establishment takes all necessary precautions to protect this information from other users and to ensure that this information is protected from unauthorized third parties. All pages where information is stored are protected with an SSL privacy certificate.  
Our establishment is not responsible for the mistakes, damages, losses, delays or early manifestations that occur due to pausing or terminating the use of our website as a result of failure or miscellaneous technical problems or due to delays in the hardware, software and/or system.  
Our website is protected by advanced and secure security precautions as a system and internet substructure against possible viruses, and similar programs that launch malicious attacks. In addition, users must also take their own safety precautions.
The Users and Members are responsible for any problems that may occur due to third persons accessing their own information as a result of their own safety violations or negligence leading to environmental factors. Our establishment will not be responsible for such problems.  

Your Recorded Personal Information can be shared with corresponding establishments and/or authorizations in accordance with the present legislation and/or the Protection of Personal Data Law in the T.R.N.C. Additionally, the contact information (telephone number, address, e-mail etc.) and other personal information given during membership applications and/or shopping can be recorded and saved for the business partners of our Establishment, our associate establishments and suppliers in order to conduct your membership procedures, for updates to take place and to notify you of various products and/or services, to give price information, to provide product and/or service invoices, to inform on various products, adverts, promotions, contact, sales and various other applications.
In order to provide better services to the members and users of our website, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and to ensure ease of use, the GÜNSEL Store can use personal information in order to provide services according to the members’ and users’ personal preferences and interests.
 Our establishment assigns utmost importance to the privacy of credit card owners who shop on our website. Your credit card information is not recorded on our website in any way or form.
All online credit card procedures and consent are conducted online between the related Bank and similar Card Establishments independently from ourselves, and the GÜNSEL Store always abides by the PCI standards applying all necessary safe payment standards.
The privacy of the payments/invoice/delivery address information is audited by our establishment against Credit Card Fraud. Therefore, when customers shopping on our website for the first time, in order to reach the invoice and delivery stage, they must confirm the validity of their financial and address/telephone information. To verify the information, if necessary, the customer who is the owner of the credit card or the related bank may be contacted.
All information given when becoming a member can only be accessed and changed by you. As long as you protect the privacy of your membership information, it is impossible for others to access and change your information.
The subjects in this policy are valid only for the information shared on our website. Our website can include access and/or connection to other websites and hereby our Establishment is not responsible for the connected websites and their contents. Our Privacy Policy does not cover other connected websites.  
Adverts produced on the website belonging to our Establishment are sent to our users through our business partners that conduct advertising activities. The Privacy Policy Principles do not cover such third-party websites.

Our Establishment can access information on the website use of the members and users who visit our website through technical communication files (Cookies). The mentioned technical communication files are small text files sent to the browser of the user of an internet website in order to be stored in the main memory. The technical communication file stores the situation and preferences about the website and provides easier internet access.
The technical communication file helps obtain statistical information such as how many people visited the website, for what reason and how many times a person has used the website, for how long they remained on the website and helps to provide dynamic advertisements and personalized content for users. The technical communication file is designed to obtain personal information through data stored in the main memory or through your e-mail address. Most browsers are designed to allow users to change their settings for the technical communication file not to be sent or for them to receive a warning when this file is sent.

Our establishment can hereby change its “Privacy Policy” regulations at its own discretion, on the condition that these changes are published on our website or appropriate notification is sent to users and members in the form of an e-mail. In cases where he Privacy Policy regulations are changed, they are valid from the date that they are published.